Information you will need

User:     Your e-mail address

Password:    What you chose

Webmail Access:   www.YourDomain/webmail (use this on-line to access your mail like you would gmail)


Manual Settings NON - SSL SETTINGS

Server Information:

Incoming Mail Server:  mail.YourDomain - port 110
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.YourDomain (server requires authentication) - port 25

*Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.


Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, POP3S (SSL/TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL/TLS)
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP, SMTPS (SSL/TLS)


IMAP on iPad or iPhone

To set up being able to see the folder on the server please do the following:

Setting > select the account  > Account > Advanced > IMAP Path Prefix type in .INBOX, in capitals.


MS Office Automatic Setup of new mail box:

Microsoft Outlook, go to tools > accounts settings > select the mail box that is not working > click Repair > click next > leave it to think > click next again > you should find that your mail box works.


NOTE: IF you would like to receive your mails on more than one device, Ms Outlooks is set up to automatically delete mails from the server once downloaded. To change these settings go into your E-mail Account you have created and change the settings to delete after a few days of your choice.


IF NOT, please check your settings manually by following these instructions:


Manual Settings:

Check “User Information” is correct


Server Information:

Incoming Mail Server:  mail.YourDomain
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.YourDomain (server requires authentication)


Check “Logon Information” is correct

(User name is full e-mail address)

(Password is Capital Sensitive)


Click on “More Settings


Under “Outgoing Server

>Check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication


Under Advanced

Incoming sever (Pop3): 110

Outgoing Mail Server: 25


click ok to exit

Click “Test account”

click Next and you are done!



DELETING MAILS ON MS OUTLOOK  (automatic delete of mail so that mail box does not get full)

Tools> Account Settings > double click account > click More Settings > click Advanced > select ‘Leave copy on server’ > select ‘Remove from server after’ > Type in the amount of days 30 / 60 > select ‘Remove from server when deleted from ‘Deleted Items’’

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