This function shows the monthly bandwidth usage, traffic for the day the function is accessed, and traffic information for the entire year. The function is intended to allow you to monitor the heaviest traffic times for your site as well as to help you to decide whether you should purchase more bandwidth for your website.

The information is displayed over 3 sets of graphs and a status bar. The status bar shows the percentage of monthly bandwidth that has been used. The graph below displays the traffic for today while the next graph shows the bandwidth usage for the entire year.

The bandwidth information is divided into six categories:

Note: The All category, displayed in green, provides the combined total of all the aforementioned categories.

The next area displays pie graphs showing bandwidth usage by domain on a monthly basis. The pie charts show the proportion of monthly bandwidth used by each domain.

Below these graphs is a chart showing the proportion of bandwidth used by each type of traffic for each day of the month.

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