This feature allows you to change the domain to which mail is delivered, allowing one domain’s mail to be sent to another domain. Please note that changing the MX entry will result in the DNS records being changed. This feature can be useful in creating a backup mail exchanger to handle mail during server downtimes.

Change the MX Entry

To change the MX entry:

  1. Select a domain from the pull-down menu.
  2. Set the priority for the new MX entry, keeping in mind that 0 is highest.
    • An MX priority describes the next place the mail should be delivered if the original address fails. For example, when your main domain’s priority is set to 0 and the initial delivery attempt fails, a mail server with a priority of 1 will be the next attempt. This will continue until a successful delivery is made.
  3. Key-in the alternate domain.
  4. Click the checkbox below the domain fields if you want mail to be delivered to both domains simultaneously.
  5. Click Change to store the changes.

Note: The domain name must be a fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

If you select Always Accept from the Current MX Entries table, incoming mail from that domain will be delivered directly, skipping the network entirely. This reduces network bandwidth demands. Only a local domain, residing on the same server, can be added as an always accepted MX entry.

Remove an MX Entry

To delete an MX entry:

  1. Click Delete next to the appropriate MX Entry.
  2. Confirm that the entry should be deleted on the following page.

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