To combat spam, or unwanted email, cPanel’s email authentication features attempt to provide information so that recipients know the nature of incoming messages. This enables you to discard unnecessary messages.

Set up DomainKeys

This authentication function works to verify the origins of incoming mail, ensuring that the mail was sent by the address from which it claims to have originated. This tool is useful against spammers that “spoof,” or falsely send from, one or more of your domain’s email addresses.

Set up SPF

This function attempts to prevent spammers from sending email while forging your domain’s name as the sender (spoofing). This authentication function works by adding IP addresses to a list, specifying computers that are authorized to send mail from your domain name. It verifies that messages sent from your domain are coming from the listed sender, reducing the amount of backscatter you receive.

To use SPF, click Enable.
To disable SPF, click Disable.

Note: Both the DomainKeys and SPF authentication functions require the server to be a DNS server for the domain name. For more information about DNS servers review the terms of your hosting contract.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings section of this screen includes a number of ways to improve the authentication process. The available options are as follows:

Remember: Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen to store your changes.

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