Dedicated Servers

Reliable UK Dedicated Servers with Optional Management and No Setup Fees

What is it?

Your own server, separate from everyone else, making it more safe and secure.

—Where are our servers based?

In the USA or UK. We only offer overseas severs, due to the fact that hosting in South Africa is unstable thanks to power cuts and poor internet cables. This means that you are guaranteed almost no ‘down time’.

Dedicated server hosting is a big step for your business. Whether it’s for your own website or for client sites, it gives you a higher level of freedom and security than shared hosting can provide. We also offer full pro-active server management for just R1285 .incl per month. Having us manage your server ensures you are kept up to date with the latest patches and security updates, guaranteeing optimum performance, security and reliability.
Servers are setup within 48 hours and are hosted in a state of the art datacenter in Kent. Every server is fully configurable, if you’d like a custom solution. Please contact us for a quote.
Dedicated servers offer the maximum power, stability and customisable as a hosting platform for your website. The full web server is used just by you and your websites and is not impacted by any accounts and their users. Web Hostess offers a range of dedicated server configurations to meet any possible needs. Our entry-level servers offer a great balance of cost and affordability, while our high-end servers are designed for high traffic and performance-demanding websites.


Highlighted Services:

Managed Backups

Add value to your dedicated server solution with pro-active backups, completely managed.

Remote Reboots

Reboot your server the EZPZ way with remote reboot access.

Pro-Active Server Management

Our techs can pro-actively manage your servers security, updates and more. .


General Info Bronze Silver Gold
CPU processor speed is measured in Ghz. The higher the number, the faster your server will be.
Intel Dual Core 2.5Ghz+ Intel Core2Quad 2.4Ghz+ Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.2Ghz
System Memory
Add plentiful amounts of RAM to your server to ensure that you are not bottle-necking your CPU.
The larger the hard drive, the more data you can store. Each server can be upgraded to 1TB.
Monthly Transfer
The amount of data you can transfer in a month. Add on extra bandwidth if you exceed this quota.
5000GB 5000GB 5000GB
Free Dedicated IPs
1 dedicated IP isn’t enough for most dedicated server clients, so we provide 5 free of charge.
5 5 5
Upgrades Available
Add more RAM, RAID or extra storage. Our servers are fully customisable.
Multi-Gigabit Network
Our network was designed for gaming, so expect low pings and high speeds.
100Mbit Uplink Connectivity
All servers are connected to our network via dedicated 100Mbit switch ports as standard.
FREE Reboots
All servers are connected to APC Masterswitch PDUs allowing for remote power cycling.
FREE Ksplice Rebootless Updates
Perform updates without rebooting. Ksplice allows you to update your kernel with no downtime.
Full Management
Leaving the management to the experts means you can concentrate on building your website.
Optional Optional Optional
Setup Fee(s)
Unlike other companies we don’t charge any setup fees to get your server online.
R0.00 R0.00 R0.00
* Month-To-Month GBP
* Month-To-Month USD

On Year pre-paid

The prices refelcts the monthly price for your dedicated server.

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